Via Scarpa

For over 20 years, Via Scarpa is launching researching fashion trends of the major fashion centers of the world. Via Scarpa's industry comprising authentic Brazilian woman. So research the market before, only to launch the product that their consumers want and expect. So the Via Scarpa sandals are very comfortable, ideal for day to day and follow the main trends of each season.

The Via Scarpa has an industrial park with over 20.000m2 area, 800 direct and over 2,500 indirect employees. The company produces an average of 14,000 pairs of shoes per day, which are distributed to the best stores in Brazil.

Investment in life quality

Our industrial complex has a gym, daycare, refectory , a college and a home for the elderly.

Throughout the production chain, are an example of responsibility. Witness the Seal of Social Responsibility ABVTEX conquered in 2014, certifies that the textile industries that oversee the welfare and professional growth of its employees and the sustainable development of the community where they operate.

The quality of life of future generations also get special attention. In addition to keeping a nature reserve, the products manufactured by Via Scarpa lack pollutants that harm nature.

With these actions and investment in quality materials, the company Via Scarpa daily reinforces its commitment with its collaborators, customers, suppliers and society.